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Long Street Methodist Church was originally known as the Wesleyan Chapel and School. It was designed in 1897 and built in 1899-1901.

The church and school are beautiful examples of the Arts and Crafts movement. They have many internal and external features which represent this unique style.

The architect was Edgar Wood who was from Middleton, and is a nationally renowned architect of the Arts and Crafts movement with an ever growing reputation.


The Arts and Crafts movement started in the second half of the 19th century in England and soon, (through the ideals of returning to traditional methods of craftsmanship and design), was to influence much of the Western world. It was inspired by two great men of the Victorian age, namely John Ruskin (the writer and social commentator) and William Morris (famous for his interior designs).

The Arts and Crafts movement sought to create an idyllic setting which was in opposition to the grim industrialisation of Victorian England. It looked back to the medieval period for its architectural inspiration.

No area of art or design was left untouched by the movement which heavily influenced architecture, furniture, furnishings, and even garden landscaping. Out of the movement sprang original ideas which led to the building of numerous 'garden cities'. It was also to influence the development of other styles such as Art Nouveau and Bauhaus.

In America its most famous advocate was Frank Lloyd Wright who founded the Chigaco Arts and Crafts Society.

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