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 The Friends of Long Street Methodist Church (LSMC) has been founded for the following reasons:-

To ensure the survival of the buildings, outdoor spaces, and communities relating to LSMC by reducing the following threats:-

    1. Annual budget Deficit

    2. Deterioration of the building fabric and services

    3. Use of the LSMC buildings

  To this end we intend to achieve the following goals:-

  1. Reduce the annual budget deficit

  2. Combat the deterioration of the building fabric and services

  3. Improved use of the buildings

At all times the philosophy which will guide our decisions will take into account the following:-

  1. Spiritual and Cultural

    1. To maintain a healthy worshipping community

    2. To maintain the spiritual and cultural associations invested in the building

  2. Architectural and Historical

    1. To emphasise the architectural and historic value of the building

    2. To contribute to and enhance the wider environment of Middleton